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A security blanket for babies fulfils several functions at the same time. It helps when falling asleep. It replaces mummy when she has no time to cuddle right now. It comforts when something hurts, and it is a great listener for all big and small problems.

The security blanket usually accompanies the sweetheart for several years and is still used even at kindergarten age, at least in certain situations. Whether travelling or visiting the doctor, the lovey is a dear companion.

The security blanket gets a face so it can still serve your little darling as a cuddle, comfort and contact companion. You can choose a local animal species and crochet a security blanket dog or a security blanket bunny, or you can choose a hippo security blanket or a cuddly bear blanket.

In our shop you can find numerous crochet instructions for the baby security blanket, so there is certainly something for your taste and your ideas.
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