Crochet patterns - what's inside?

Today I would like to tell you about my crochet patterns. I know you often have the question - what will I get if I buy this pattern? Will it disappoint me? Will I be able to do it the way I see it in the picture? (spoiler - you're sure to succeed! 😉) 

So let's see what's inside.

Almost all my patterns have the same structure and a typical pattern looks like this:

leopard print crochet baby sneakers pattern

The cover has a picture of the finished product. This is very handy if you keep your designs in a separate folder on your computer or mobile device - you can see what the document is about in the preview. Plus, you always have a reference point for what you are working on. And if you prefer to crochet with a printed version of the pattern, it will be very convenient to organize storage like a magazine.



materials and tools page of crochet pattern

The second page describes the materials I used. If you want your work to be as similar as possible to mine, I recommend using the same materials. The tools you will need are also listed here. Don't worry if you don't have the necessary materials and tools on hand - the pattern has a link to my website where I have found everything you need for your work. You can order everything you need from amazon or lovecrafts using the links provided.


different sizes for crochet sneakers

The third page shows the measurements of the item I made. And also a size chart if the pattern has multiple sizes (e.g. baby shoes).




abbreviations of crochet pattern

On the fourth page is a table of abbreviations and acronyms used, which may be helpful to avoid confusion when following the crochet instructions.



video tutorial crochet pattern

The fifth page contains a link to a video and instructions on how to use QR codes. Video instructions are included with most of my patterns.

I want to talk about the convenience of using the video and QR codes:

⭐️ At the beginning of the pattern there is a general link to the video, by clicking on it you can crochet with me step by step.

⭐️ If you prefer to work the pattern on your own, you can easily go to the part of the video you want and see how I did that part - because each part of the pattern also has a link to the part of the video you are working on.

⭐️ The links look like QR codes (patterned squares in the corner of the page) and are clickable if you are working with an electronic device. But! if you have printed out the pattern, you can point the camera on your mobile device at the QR code and the video will open to the part you are working on! Wow!


crochet pattern for you

And so, finally, the crochet instructions begin on the following pages! Please note that these are not just monotonous sets of shortcuts (or pattern diagrams), each step is accompanied by a photo of what you will get, as well as comments and photos of the points you should pay special attention to!

simple and clear instructions

Some of my patterns are more than 20 pages long. This is done to make everything very clear for you.

Well, the list of materials, detailed descriptions, photos, video tutorials. Simple, easy and clear!

But that's not all! On the last pages of my patterns you will find my contact information. If you have any questions about yarn selection, pattern making, etc., feel free to contact me.

Visit my site, share your work in the reviews. I'm always happy to see what unique and beautiful things you make! For every review left, I give a discount on the purchase of the next pattern! 

Well, I think you have no doubts left! Pick a pattern, grab your hook and yarn, and go on an exciting adventure to create something special!

You're sure to succeed!

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Trying to download my pattern!!!

Fowler Ernestine

These are the best crochet patterns I’ve seen. 😘


After seeing your designs, it’s tough to appreciate others. Getting hooked on video tutorials and in-depth explanations is easy.


Thank you!


wow that is awesome about clicking on the QR codes to get a video to make sure I am doing it right!!!! thanks again


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